Formula Feeding Contributes to Obesity

Stop Nestlé’s sponsorship with the City of Newark

Nestlé, the world’s largest infant formula manufacturer and distributer, is planning to partner with the city of Newark, New Jersey in a nutrition education program to target childhood obesity. Nestlé, whose infant formula and baby foods are known to contribute to increased illness and long-term diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancers has shown nothing but disdain for the marketing rules for those products.

Nestlé’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. While aggressively marketing its formula, it tries to mask its damaging deeds and blunt criticisms of its corporate practices with do-good publicity. And of course this is yet another means to promote its products and influence parents to the Nestlé brand name.

Please sign the petition and STOP the Nestlé Sponsorship!

Elisabeth Sterken
Director INFACT Canada/IBFAN North America