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Some seriously funny press

(and it ain’t Frank Magazine!)

The following article appeared recently in the Yazoo Herald, Yazoo, Missouri, by managing editor Vernon Sykes.

Fed-up with “Breastfeeding Week”

A word of warning.
Don’t be surprised if while you’re munching on your food of choice at your favorite restaurant, the woman sitting at the table next to yours decides its time for her little Suzie to eat too.
So, she unbuttons her blouse, unleashes her breast of choice and commences to breastfeed little Suzie.
Naw! That wouldn’t happen in a million years you say?
Wrong. Dinosaur mentality!
Now big government is kissing up to breastfeeding.
Last week, Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman, in typical dyed in the wool, yellow-dog Democratic form, proclaimed Aug. 1 to 7 as WIC National Breastfeeding Week.
That’s all the world needs–a generation of women, out to show the world that their independence includes their right to breastfeed, whenever and wherever they durned well please.
I’m expected to sit quietly by in a public place and utter words of reinforcement as some brazen woman asserts her independence via breastfeeding.
You can’t smoke in public buildings much any more, but you can breastfeed? Something is definitely wrong with that picture.
Makes me wonder just how much more abuse God will take.”

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