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Greenpeace and INFACT find contaminated baby food sold at Loblaws

“Loblaws is force feeding GE food with health risks to our children”


Toronto, Oct 29, 2002 - Greenpeace and INFACT Canada, a mother and infant consumer rights group, today brought dozens of dolls with funnels in their mouths to a downtown Toronto Loblaws store, where the two groups released the results of a survey on baby food made with genetically engineered ingredients.


Many health authorities have identified babies and children as a high risk group, vulnerable to the risks associated with GE food.


Loblaws (President’s Choice and No Name brands), Nestlé, Mead Johnson and Ross Laboratories were the worst culprits, either confirming that their products were made with GE ingredients or simply not knowing.


Loblaws, Canada’s largest grocer, manufactures and sells the baby food, but refuses to have the GE ingredients removed or labeled.


“Parents expect Loblaws to be making and selling baby food that is safe. Instead, they are knowingly force feeding GE food to our children,” said Holly Penfound, Greenpeace’s GE campaign coordinator. “There should be zero tolerance for GE ingredients in baby food. Loblaws must remove GE ingredients from their own baby food and stop selling GE contaminated baby food from other companies.”


Various authorities have recognized that eating GE foods comes with certain risks, including creating new toxins and allergens, changing nutrition levels, and contributing to the problem of antibiotic resistance. Authorities include the British Medical Association, Royal Society of Canada, the Ontario Public Health Association and the National Public Health Institute of Quebec.


“Bottle fed infants up until 6 months of age exclusively rely on infant formula as their major food source. They are fed GE-CONTAINING food during a very important growth and developmental stage,” said Elisabeth Sterken, director of INFACT Canada and a nutritionist.


Earth’s Best, Milupa, Healthy Times and Tiny Bites have removed GE ingredients from their baby food products, and Heinz has committed to doing so, demonstrating it can be done.


Today’s action is part of a North American week of action against genetically engineered food.  Protests are anticipated outside GE food retailers in over 100 cities across the continent.




For more information contact:


Holly Penfound, Greenpeace Canada GE campaign coordinator

b: 416 597 8408 x3050,  mobile 416 723 9425

Elisabeth Sterken, director of INFACT Canada


* A copy of the Greenpeace/INFACT survey and a summary of statements from health authorities about the vulnerability of infants and children to GE food is available from Greenpeace Canada at www.greenpeace.ca or by calling Jennifer Story, Greenpeace Canada Communications Coordinator at 416 573 7209.



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