April 3, 2006


Body Shop to be added to Nestlé Boycott list


The Body Shop, long known for its image as an ethically-conscious company and its stance against animal testing, has accepted a takeover bid from cosmetics giant L’Oréal. L’Oréal is partly owned by Nestlé, which has a 26% stake in the company. Nestlé is the target of the world’s largest international consumer boycott because of its aggressive and unethical marketing of infant formula. Many consumers around the world refuse to buy any of the company’s products until it ceases to endanger the health and lives of infants. Should the Body Shop be taken over by L’Oréal, any purchase of a Body Shop product would profit Nestlé. As such, the Body Shop will be added to the list of brands to boycott by INFACT Canada and ethical consumers everywhere.


For more information see:


Baby Milk Action: http://www.babymilkaction.org/press/press17march06.html

Brand Republic:  http://www.brandrepublic.com/login/index.cfm?fuseaction=Login&resource=BR_News&articleType=news&article=549982


Write to the Body Shop to let them know you’ll no longer be buying their products. E-mail messages to:  Consumer_HelpDesk@TheBodyShop.ca


Dear Body Shop,


We at INFACT Canada were disappointed to learn that your company is being taken over by the L’Oréal corporation. The Body Shop has always presented itself as an ethical company, yet now the store will be owned by a company that not only holds none of the values the Body Shop has espoused for decades (such as the refusal to test cosmetics on animals) but is also partly owned by Nestlé, a company notorious for its unethical marketing practices. Nestlé is the target of the world’s largest ever consumer boycott, and will remain so until the corporation ceases its aggressive advertising of unsafe infant formula in the poor countries of the world. As a result of L’Oréal’s takeover, all Body Shop brands will now be added to the list of products to boycott as part of the Nestlé Boycott campaign, as their purchase would only fuel Nestlé’s immoral actions all over the world.


Ben Spurr

Nestlé Boycott Coordinator



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