Boycott Updates


January 16, 2005




Between January 26 and 30 the heads of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful corporations will meet in Davos, Switzerland at the annual gathering of the World Economic Forum.  This private club is so elite that to become a member, a company must have a turnover of over 1 billion USD a year.  The WEF annual meeting is the largest gathering of business elite worldwide, and is a chance for those with economic power to reach agreements on political and economic issues, and promote the neoliberal agenda.  Nestlé is of course a member.


Activists have organized a parallel event, called Eye on Davos, in an attempt to hold this private power publicly accountable.  One of the activities planned is the handing out of “Public Eye Awards” to those companies that have exhibited “irresponsible social and environmental behaviour.”  Nestlé has been nominated not only for its unethical marketing of infant food, but also for its anti-labour practices and exploitation of water resources.  Voting is open to the public at:


INFACT Canada suggests you visit the site and vote to shame Nestlé, as well as any other company you feel deserves it.


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