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March 22, 2005


Nestlé CEO Finally Tells the Truth


Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Nestlé’s CEO, caused a stir at a recent meeting of business executives in Boston when, during a particularly candid moment, he uttered a statement revealing what is really at the core of his company’s ‘business ethics.’ "What the hell have we taken away from society by being a successful company and employing people?" he said.


Unfortunately, no one present pointed out all the things Nestlé has taken away from societies all over the world:  the right to unbiased information about infant feeding, the health of infants and young children etc.  But clearly Brabeck believes that simply by employing people, his company is doing its duty to society.  So then what are we to make of all the charitable activities Nestlé is constantly publicizing its involvement in?  Clearly they amount to nothing but public relations. 


One telling example is the company’s involvement with tsunami relief in Sri Lanka.  Nestlé has been very pleased to publicize how much food it is donating to the victims of the tragedy, but all the while there is a campaign in Sri Lanka against the corporation because it has helped to destroy the national system of domestic milk production.  Milk used to be produced locally and was widely available to everyone at very low prices, but since Nestlé has taken over milk distribution, it has been paying local farmers so little that many have abandoned production.  Milk is virtually no longer produced in the country.  In this case, the people Brabeck is so proud of employing have actually been forced out of their jobs by his company.  Nestlé is currently fighting attempts to raise the price it pays to farmers.  It is difficult to believe that, despite its aid to tsunami victims, the company really does have the wellbeing of the Sri Lankan people in mind.  Another reason to Boycott Nestlé. 
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