World Breastfeeding Week 2007 Kit Items

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World Breastfeeding Week 2007 Action Kit

Theme: Breastfeeding First!
Beginning breastfeeding within the first hour

INFACT's most popular resource, the Action Kit, presents original material relating to this year's WBW theme. The kit includes fact sheets, ideas for the promotion of World Breastfeeding Week in your community, evidence for the importance of breastfeeding, and eye-catching resources: Pin-up posters, the Baby-Friendly Checklist Pad, and the Cost of Formula Feeding Wheel. An ideal resource to help plan WBW festivities in your community or health facility.


Price: $55.00


“Breastfeeding First” Pin-up Poster

8½ x 11 mini-poster with “Breastfeeding First”
slogan and photo of infant skin-to-skin.


Price: $2.00


“Early to Breast, Early to Thrive” Pin-up Poster

8½ x 11 mini-poster with “Early to Breast, Early to Thrive”
slogan and photo of breastfeeding duo.


Price: $2.00


Baby-Friendly Checklist Pad

Colourful checklist for mothers and health workers listing what makes
a hospital or health facility Baby-Friendly. Pad of 50 tear-off sheets.


Price: $2.50



WBW 2007 Folder

9 x 12 document folder with photo of mother and newborn skin-to-skin.


Price: $4.00


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