Dr. Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding.


Price: $27.95



Evidence for the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding.

Family and Reproductive Health Division of Child Health and

Development WHO, Geneva, 1998.

Price: $18.00


The Breastfeeding Atlas

By Barbara Wilson-Clay BSEd, IBCLC and Kay Hoover M Ed, IBCLC

ISBN # 0967275830

The Breastfeeding Atlas has been completely revised and expanded with the addition of 64 new photographs and an accompanying DVD containing over an hour of short video clips of clinical breastfeeding situations.  The video clips include:  assessments of preterm and low tone infants, paced bottle-feeding, finger-feeding technique, a frenotomy, interviews, and more. The text contains new case studies, up-dated references, and evidence-based breastfeeding management information.  A new chapter on donor human milk banking and the uses of donor human milk expands the scope of this edition.


Barbara Wilson-Clay and Kay Hoover have 46 years of combined expertise as lactation consultants, educators and photographers. The Breastfeeding Atlas taps into their broad experience as clinical practitioners. This is a must-have book for students and practitioners alike!

Price: $79.95


Relactation: Review of Experience and

Recommendation  for Practice. WHO, 1998.

Price: $12.00


Medications and Mothers' Milk

By: Dr. Thomas W. Hale

ISBN # 0977226832

Medications and Mothers' Milk 2006 is a comprehensive reference on the impact of currently used medications on breastfeeding mothers and infants. Written by renowned clinical pharmacologist, Dr. Thomas W. Hale, this thousand plus page book is packed with information on more than 814 drugs, vitamins, herbs, and vaccines. It includes tables on radioisotopes, radiocontrast agents, and common cold remedies.


Some of the new features added to Medications and Mothers’ Milk 2006, twelfth edition include:
- More than 70 new drugs.
- Rigorous updates to hundreds of drugs and tables.
- A completely new Appendix on anticancer drugs.
- A new user-friendly Appendix on radioactive drugs with recommendations on breastfeeding from numerous authoritative sources.
- Updated tables on radiocontrast agents.
- Updated tables on cold and cough remedies.

Price: $43.95


Breastfeeding Management for the Clinican

Using the Evidence

By: Marsha Walker

ISBN # 076372260X


Evidence-based guide for managing breastfeeding and breastfeeding problems.  Review of literature, covers etiology, risk factors, prevention, prognosis and implications, interventions, expected outcomes, care plans, clinical algorithms, and more.

Price: $57.95


Impact of Birthing Practices on Breastfeeding:

Protecting the Mother and Baby Continuum

By: Mary Kroeger with Linda J. Smith

ISBN # 0763724815

Impact of Birthing Practices on Breastfeeding: Protecting the Mother and Baby Continuum is Mary Kroeger’s examination of the spectacular bond between the human mother and her newborn from the perspective of labor, birth, and breastfeeding. With 25 years of experience as a nurse, midwife, and international maternal and child health consultant, Kroeger addresses the failure of both western and developing country breastfeeding promoters and supporters to link the impact of certain childbirth interventions on the readiness of mother or newborn to breastfeed.

Price: $49.95


Sleeping With Your Baby:
A Parent's Guide to Co-sleeping
By: Dr. James McKenna’s

ISBN # 1930775342


Sleeping with your baby has been the norm for almost all cultures through almost all ages. Yet, in our modern world, the practice is fraught with questions and guilt. In Sleeping with your Baby: A Parent’s Guide to Cosleeping, a world-wide recognized cosleeping authority examines why simplistic recommendations against any and all forms of cosleeping are not only scientifically inappropriate, but dangerous and morally wrong. Walking readers through various ways to safely cosleep, whether bedsharing or not, this book provides the latest information on the potential scientific benefits of cosleeping. Complete with sections on minimizing hazards and risks, this book explains why and how to sleep with your baby.

Price: $14.95



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