Who needs the makeover?

Nestlé coopts NBC in makeover and free formula offer

NBC's recent joint marketing with offers of a free make-over and three-month free supply of infant formula drew heavy ire from breastfeeding mothers in the US. Two examples:

This promotion is one of the most direct forms of undermining breastfeeding that I have ever seen. The best thing that a new mother can do for herself and her baby is to breastfeed. If you really want to give a new mother and her baby something, teach her how to breastfeed and portray breastfeeding in your media sources as the only and best way to feed a baby.
Your promotion is in direct violation of the WHO Code and deceptively undermines breastfeeding mothers and their babies.
I refuse to watch NBC television shows from now on, and I implore you to break all ties with Nestlé (the *worst* offender of the WHO code!) and to show tasteful shows with good breastfeeding information instead.
Please help our babies get the good food they deserve, rather than the chemical cocktail we call "food" in a bottle.
Fiona M. Dionne, mother to Sandrine Leïlou--1 year.
The International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes is clear. There may be only one standard of marketing for all nations--not a standard for rich nations and another for poor. We must put formula in its rightful a last resort for those babies who require it to live rather than as the "norm" for nearly every infant born in our country.
It is sad to know that so many of our babies are not nourished at the breast, but are often left holding their own plastic (lifeless) bottle and nipple. Then we wonder why SAT scores are down, health is at an all time low, cancer at an all time high and youth violence grows each year.
I, too, will boycott NBC and NBCi and all affiliates as I do now with Nestlé. And I will urge all of my well-to-do American friends to do the same.
Yours, Martha Hartney-Schatzle.
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