Breastfeeding logoChina Protects Breastfeeding

The 25 million babies that are born in China every year will have a better chance of being breastfed as of October 1, 1995.

In response to increased baby milk marketing (See INFACT Newsletter, Summer 95) since opening its borders to multinational corporations, China recently passed a law called The Chinese Rules Governing the Administration of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes. This law is in addition to a 1992 notification that banned the promotion of baby milks.

The law covers the full scope of the International Code and includes all breastmilk substitutes as well as bottles and artificial nipples. All forms of advertising are banned: free samples, sales inducements, money and gifts for the purpose of promoting sales. The law also includes a proactive mandate to the health-care system to provide educational materials on infant feeding and to boycott all forms of "propaganda".



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