Breastfeeding in a globalized world for

peace and justice breastfeeding:

It means the world to me!


Celebrated in Canada OCTOBER 1-7, 2003


Join the Canadian breastfeeding community in celebrating World Breastfeeding Week. This year's theme - Breastfeeding in a Globalized World for Peace and Justice - provides an opportunity to consider the challenges of globalization while identifying the resources that globalization provides to promote breastfeeding locally as a symbol of peace and justice. To help celebrate and organize community events, INFACT Canada has prepared an action kit that highlights this year's theme. The kit is both a useful tool for action and a valuable source of knowledge about breastfeeding and related topics. It contains information sheets and effective ideas for action, including:

Fair Trade or Free Trade: Holding Corporations Accountable

Risky Business - Genetically Modified Organisms

Commodification of the Breast

Environment - Breastfeeding in a Contaminated World

Pathways to Exclusive Breastfeeding

Tools for Action to Create a Breastfeeding Culture

14 Risk of Formula Feeding

Human Milk Banking

Breastfeeding - It means the world to me!

The kit also includes eye-catching visuals and promotional tools such as:

NEW "Breastfeeding means the world to me" Pin-up posters

NEW "I'm a breastfed baby" crib cards

Sample press release and tips for working with the media

Back by popular demand, Breastfeeding 101 pads

And lots, lots more!

The World Breastfeeding Action Kit 2003 cost is $ 40 per kit, plus postage and GST. Special rates apply for volume orders. The kit can be ordered directly from the INFACT office.

To order:

Phone: 416-595-9819




(click here to order online)

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