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November 25, 2004


Nestlé Hides GMOs in Baby Food from Russian Consumers


Nestlé has lost a lawsuit it filed against the All-Russian Genetic Safety Association for exposing its use of genetically modified organisms in the company’s Nestogen baby food.  In June of this year, the Association published the results of laboratory tests which revealed that Nestogen sold in Russia contained genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in its soy ingredient.  Nestlé does not label Nestogen as containing GMOs, and when the test results were published, the company held a press conference claiming that it had never used GMOs in Russia.  Nestlé then filed a lawsuit against the Association, claiming not that the group had presented incorrect information, but that it had no right to release the test results to the public.  Recently, the Moscow Arbitrage Court threw out the suit, protecting Russian consumers’ right to know what they are feeding their children.


The fact that Nestlé attempted to hide its use of GMOs from the public shows a disturbing willingness to mislead consumers and makes one wonder what else the company might be hiding. Nestlé has yet again shown an unethical disregard for the rights of the people that buy and consume its products, and has proven once more that it cannot be trusted with the health of infants or young children. 


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