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July 6, 2004

Nestle Flounders in India

Nestle's worst fears about profits in the world's second most populated country appear to be coming true.  India represents a huge market for the company because of the sheer amount of infants that are born there each year.  As such, the corporation was very nervous when the Indian government announced in the late 1990s that it planned to implement the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes in national legislation.  Nestle took legal action against the government, and stalled the legislation in the courts for years while the copmany continued to immorally market infant formula to Indians.  Recently, the legislation was passed and the International Code became law.  This means that there is now a wide-ranging ban on the advertisement and promotion of infant foods.  Analysts are predicting Nestle India's stock will begin to slide, as the company struggles to find alternate means of promotion.  Good news for Indian children.
In other news, the Chief Executive Officer of Nestle, Pere Brabeck-Letmathe, was recently named Europe's fifth most powerful businessman.  Given the amount of wealth in Europe, this is a stunning statistic which shows how massive the company really has become.
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