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1.  World Breastfeeding Week 2001 !


2.  Exclusive Breastfeeding for six months:

                    WHO: “exclusive breastfeeding for six months”

                    Ending seven years of controversy

                    Trade impacts: health vs. profit dilemma

                    Exclusive breastfeeding for six months


3.  Improving truth in medical publishing

4.  When formula companies fund research

5.  Creating doubt about breastfeeding


6.  Codex Alimentarius and Infant Foods: What’s at stake?

                    Codex Alimentarius and Infant Foods: What’s at stake?

                    Health Claims.  Nutrient function claims.

                    Labeling issues

                    Health claims on food products: marketing tools

                    Draft prohibits claims for infant/young child foods


7.  Canada Beastfeeding News:

                   Catherine Young 21 July 1952 - 11 September 2001

                   Rock flip flops on mandatory labeling of GMOs

                   Trans fatty acid labeling: Finally!

                   Edmonton authorities OK breastfeeding at city pools

                   Mark these on your calendar!


8.  Interference!


9.  ILCA publication: supporting breastfeeding in the first two weeks


10.  Brazil wins prestigious WHO Sasakawa prize


11. Abstracts:

The Ontario Mother and Infant Survey: Breastfeeding Outcomes

Method of feeding and transmission of HIV-1 from mothers to children by15 months of age: prospective cohort study from Durban, South Africa.




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