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The Cost of Formula Wheel. Starting a family but worrying about how you're going to afford everything that you need to take care of a new baby? Why waste money on formula? Spin the wheel to find out what else you could be spending your money on when you choose not to formula feed. Order here.


Sleeping With Your Baby: A Parent's Guide to Co-Sleeping

McKenna, JJ (2007) Sleeping with Your Baby: A Parent’s Guide to Cosleeping. Washington, DC: Platypus Media, LLC

Sleeping with your baby has been the norm for almost all cultures through almost all ages. Yet, in our modern world, the practice is fraught with questions and guilt. In Sleeping with your Baby: A Parent’s Guide to Cosleeping, a world-wide recognized cosleeping authority examines why simplistic recommendations against any and all forms of cosleeping are not only scientifically inappropriate, but dangerous and morally wrong. Walking readers through various ways to safely cosleep, whether bedsharing or not, this book provides the latest information on the potential scientific benefits of cosleeping. Complete with sections on minimizing hazards and risks, this book explains why and how to sleep with your baby. $14.95 each   

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Risks of Formula Feeding Brochure 

An annotated bibliography documenting the risks of artificial feeding and the benefits of breastfeeding.
Documents sixteen risks for infants and children and eight risks for mothers. Second revision July 2006.

$2.50 each


Nestlé Boycott Action Kit

The kit is an educational and promotional package filled with information and resources to help you promote the Boycott in your community, workplace or school.  Included are fact sheets on the Boycott and documentation of Nestle's immoral activities, as well as resources such as Boycott stickers and ready-made petitions.  The kit will help you educate yourself and others about how Nestle puts profits before life, and contributes to thousands of infant deaths every year through its marketing of infant formula.