NestlÚ Boycott Continues Strong

NestlÚ, the world's largest baby food manufacturer, remains in non-compliance with the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes. As a boycott target, NestlÚ is not only the largest baby food manufacturer, but also sets the marketing trends for the industry. NestlÚ's disrespect for the International Code and subsequent, relevant resolutions of the World Health Assembly knowingly puts babies at risk. It is well aware that any separation between baby and breast poses serious health threats for infants and young children. The boycott stands strong in over 20 countries and will continue until NestlÚ complies fully with the tenets of the International Code and takes seriously its corporate responsibility towards the world's children.


The NestlÚ boycott is forcing change, although reluctantly.


Examples of NestlÚ's ongoing violations worldwide:

Recently after demonstrations at several UK NestlÚ sites, NestlÚ's Head of Corporate Affairs wrote to Baby Milk Action that the company had changed the labels of its complementary foods to comply with the requirements of the Code that complementary foods should not be marketed for infants younger than 6 months of age. This has been a requirement since the World Health Assembly adopted Resolution 47.5 in 1994.


However, NestlÚ's claim that it is 'leading the way' in the 6 month labelling issue needs closer examination. UNICEF Hong Kong wrote to NestlÚ on 29 May 2003:


"We were pleased to note from the headlines of your International Code Action Report that NestlÚ is taking the initiative on 6-month labelling. It was therefore with some disappointment to see that NestlÚ Hong Kong is still promoting complementary food from 4 months onwards... the Department of Health of the Hong Kong Government has followed the WHO recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life."


Similar reports are coming in from other countries. For example, the IBFAN group in Bulgaria informed us that NestlÚ has launched an advertising campaign in the June 2003 issue of "Baby" magazine promoting NestlÚ Sinlac for use from 4 months of age. The advertisement says: "Sinlac Baby Menu is a cereal for dietary uses with plant proteins, without gluten, lactose and milk proteins. For every baby over 4 months." Closer inspection of NestlÚ's promise reveals that it will only abide by the 6 month requirement in countries where it is given no choice.


Even in those countries where the company does technically abide by the WHA resolution, NestlÚ's compliance is hardly exemplary. In India, where the government's legislation requires that products are labelled for use after 6 months of age, NestlÚ's new labels have appeared, but in the advertisement to parents, the prominent age of use on the pack is obscured by placing it in a cartoon train carriage and the reference to 6 months appears only in small print. NestlÚ's new strategy appears to deliberately obscure the 'age of use' information and instead promote what it is calling its '1-2-3 feeding plan' using teddy bear figures representing stages of development.


The boycott against NestlÚ is critical to force it to change its deadly marketing practices. Its marketing techniques remain as disreputable as ever. Until these practices are in full compliance with the International Code, the boycott will remain in place. Hit NestlÚ where it hurts the most, in the wallet!



The World Health Organization estimates that 1.5 million infant deaths every year can be averted through improved breastfeeding practices (WHO Press Release, WHA/10;9 May,  1994). This means eliminating unnecessary bottle feeding and unethical marketing.


    Don't add to NestlÚ's fortune while they add to infant suffering. Say no to formula pushers! Boycott these products until NestlÚ changes its marketing practices. Be sure to check all labels on products you buy, as NestlÚ owns many brands you may be familiar with. For a more complete list, check the INFACT Canada website (link to NestlÚ Boycott Page), and please contact us to receive free NestlÚ Boycott stickers.

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Frutips Ice Treats


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