Please tell the employees of your corporation to begin following WHO code for marketing of breastmilk substitutes. A responsible company would already be doing this. By the way we boycott your products at our house.

Yours truly,

Laurie Forrest (age 10)

P.S. My teacher is making me say Happy Birthday.

Congratulations to Laurie Forrest for sticking to her principles. When her teacher told her to write a letter of congratulations to the Nestlé' Quick Bunny on "his" 50th birthday so that Nestlé would donate 50 cents to a literacy program, Laurie wrote the above instead.

But Laurie's teacher did not like the letter and told her to do a rewrite. Laurie refused. Laurie also refused the free Nestlé' Quick given to the students to drink.

Now our courageous letter writer wants to start a school INFACT group! Needless to say Laurie's mother is proud and so are we! Breastfeeding will be in good hands when we pass the baton!

Also note the letter from Cati Barendregt Brown:

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