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Dangerous Advice

Nestle street adverts for baby milks in Xalapa, Mexico
Photo by IBFAN Mexico


Whatever happened to the Allergy and Asthma Information Association (AAIA) of BC must have happened on the way to the bank. It appears that Nestle has become a corporate sponsor and the AAIA has turned the child nutrition column in their newsletter over to the corporate diet dispenser, nutritionist Leslie Scarf. In the ask the Registered Dietitian from Nestle Nutrition column, the bottom line advisor suggests, "If you have a family history of allergy and have decided to discontinue breastfeeding, then there are two types of formula that you and your doctor can choose from. Both types are designed to reduce the risk of allergies."

Whatever happened to the evidence based recommendations of long term breastfeeding and late introduction of complementary foods?

Thanks to the astute vigilance of member Rhoda Taylor. We urge you to let the AAIA BC chapter know that conflict of interest is dangerous to babies

The AAIA BC/Yukon can be contacted at: tel: (250) 861-6590 and e-mail:

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