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Breastfeeding Empowers WomenTo be empowered, women must have not only the ability to act, but also the right to do so. One of the obstacles to breastfeeding continues to be concern over whether or not it is acceptable to do so in public. Some women fear offending others if they breastfeed in public places. We believe that women have the right to breastfeed whenever and wherever they want. Communities need to be sensitized to the ways in which they can actively support breastfeeding.

What would you do if you, or someone you know, was asked to leave a public place because they were breastfeeding? What are your rights? At INFACT Canada we receive calls every month from women who find themselves in this situation. A public place can be defined as anywhere you go that does not require a personal invitation. If this happens to you there are several possible courses of action. You can:

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